A game for English-language Learners

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What is HEXT?

Hext is a fast-paced word puzzle game that promotes a creative, relaxed, social setting in which adult English-language learners are encouraged to practice the language with dramatically reduced inhibitions. The gameplay revolves around players competing for the highest number of points by collecting letter tiles and forming words with their collection. Hext provides an inclusive environment, allowing every player a chance to contribute by drawing from their own unique set of experiences. Although players may initially discover Hext in a more formal setting, such as as a classroom or company event, they will be able to purchase a copy and play amongst friends and family. Hext will increase players’ confidence in speaking English out loud and using the language in relevant social and utilitarian settings.

How to Play

Set Up

Draw letter tiles equal to the number of players.

Phase 1: Collection

Flip a category card and come up with a word that starts with one of the letter tiles that matches the category.

Be careful though!
Adjectives and Proper Nouns are not allowed!

Phase 2: Formation

Beat the timer and create the longest word as possible with your collection!

Count Points!

Count points by totalling the number of points in your collection and the number of letters in your word x 3.

The player with the highest points is the winner!